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Merit Badge Counselor Connections reset

Apparently, there was an issue with counselor lists uploaded in the last little while. As a result, my council (Circle Ten) reuploaded theirs yesterday (3/24). While I am sure this solved some issues, it introduced others. In the process of uploading the new list, it ended my previous role as MBC and started a new role. As a result, I lost all connections to scouts I had been working with. Some had just added me, and I am working virtually with scouts accross the country, so I don’t have contact information for much of them. Is there any way to get those connections back?

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do me a favor - go to you unit in SB (if you have one), go to roster, hover over your name and look at the url pop up - what do you see for userID= ?

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@JosephThayne did your merit badges change?

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or do you show multiple instances of MBC on your positions page?

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UserID is 20399.

I need to verify they didn’t change, but they don’t appear to have changed.

I have an instance that ended yesterday and an instance that started today. Both for Circle Ten. Both added and approved by Circle Ten.

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yeah developers are already looking at it. I think you have 2 BSA Numbers

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Yes, I do. One was deactivated over two years ago when I got the new one after switching councils. And that was after working with council and national to deactivate the first one and migrate all the records over. But apparently I am not the only one with the issue. Someone else commented about it on Facebook.

Looks like things were reloaded again today. The last position has ended with the new position being added. Looks like all the same merit badges are there, and I didn’t lose the connections from before. Unfortunately, I am still missing some from the first time around.