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Connection Manager - two bugs?

Two potential bugs with Connection Manager. I’m a Pack Admin who was trying to clean up a few Scouts in my connections that are no longer with our Pack.

  1. I clicked on the first name, “Carson” and when it takes me to his page, the name “Brecken” shows at the top.
  2. When I click on “Remove Connection” it recognizes that I’m trying to remove Carson, and not Brecken, but when I hit “remove” nothing happens - I let it sit for 10 minutes. I’ve tried logging out and back in, but still the same issue.

What is Carson’s current membership?

Carson is in a BSA Scouts troop.

its the thing were if you view a scout out of unit the system puts another scout (in unit) name at the top

Is that the only entry in Carson’s current membership? Is there a green shield next to it?

There is no current membership listed for Carson. There are two past memberships, one for his Bear den (expired 9/18/2017) and Webelos (expired 2/21/19). But in the real world, he is a member of the local troop.

Brian, give this a try:

Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections

Click on Carson’s name, then Carson’s Connections. Click on your name in the list, then “Delete Connection”.


Referring back to my OP, it just doesn’t do anything if I click on the “remove” from Carson’s profile. You’ll also see in the image that I don’t have a “Carson’s connections” on his profile. I have the same issue with 5 other scouts that are no longer members.

Brian, your OP showed you going through Carson’s connections to try to delete his connection to you. Jennifer has suggested the opposite. Go through your connections to try to delete your connection to him. Have you tried both?


As I stated, when I’m in Carson’s profile, there is no link for “Carson’s Connections”.

I can remove the connection through “My Connections”. The whole point of this thread (and forum section) is to report a bug in Scoutbook.

If Carson is in a troop in the real world, then try adding the troop to Carson’s Membership.

For your issue #1, that is a quick navigation bar to other Scouts in your pack. Carson is no longer in your pack, so that appears to be working as designed.

The whole point of this thread (and forum section) is to report a bug in Scoutbook. Yes, I’m well aware there are other ways to remove the connection. But I am reporting that the above method is not working as intended, and yes I’m using Chrome. Maybe @edavignon can assist?

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