How do you delete an adult connection to a scout

I was able to delete a connection to an adult that no longer needed to have connections to a scout, and the delete feature is no longer there. We have a scout that transferred into our troop and we do not want his former scout leaders to have access to his records or be listed in the scouts connections. We clicked the updated old troop but nothing happens. How can we fix this? Why was the delete connection button removed?


If the Scout is still has a membership in another troop according to Scoutbook, you cannot delete connections to leaders in that troop. If you post the BSA Member ID or User ID from the Scout’s Profile page in Scoutbook (we don’t need a name) we can probably determine why you don’t see a delete option on the connection.

@ElizabethBurt Did the Scout transfer? Or does he have a multiple membership in more than one unit?

I see one Scout in your troop with initials L.B. who has a current membership in a pack and 2 troops. At a minimum, you should go to the Scout’s Membership page and add an end date to his pack membership. Once you end the pack membership, you will be able to clean those old connections.

It looks like he is registered in 2 troops until the end of this year, so he probably did a multiple registration instead of a transfer. If that was not the intent, you will need to contact your council.

He is registered in two troops and I did an end old troop registration and nothing happened. We are his primary troop and i do not want so many connections from the other troop. I want to delete some I used to be able to do this and now the delete connection button is gone. I will end his pack connection.

If the Scout is registered in multiple troops then leaders from both troops will be connected. This is by design as per the Guide to Advancement, the Scout can earn advancements in either unit. Scoutmasters from both troop are able to sign off and/or designate others to sign off for this Scout.

If ever need to delete a connection an adult has on a scout how can I do this since I cannot delete a connection anymore.

@ElizabethBurt but is the Scouts BSA # so we can take a look and better understand the situation

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