Removing Adult connections from Scout's profile

We have a new scout who Council has mistakenly placed in a wrong troop on Scoutbook. It took 19 days or so (and me asking/calling/emailing, etc), but the scout is finally showing as in our troop on Scoutbook. Now in his connections, he has all the leaders from the wrong troop still listed (among with our leaders). I’d like to remove them from the scout’s account/connections completely. How do I do it?

I tried “Clean Old Connections” - removed zero connections.
The other troop’s leaders don’t show up in our Connection Manager, so I can’t fix it there.

For now, I have set them all to “view profile”, but please help me clean up this scout’s connections.



Check the Scout’s membership page. Is the Scout still in the “wrong” troop? If so, clean old connections won’t remove connections to that troop until the membership is ended.

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You’re right! He was! I ended his membership in the wrong troop by shortening it to the day it started, and before that I fixed his membership with our troop to begin on the day the family submitted the application (and I signed it), so it doesn’t appear like it started just today. After I did that, cleaning old connections removed the adults from the wrong troop from his account. Thank you so much for pointing this out!!

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