Parents Lost full control of their Scouts

I have two scouts where parents are not set to full control by default. Scout member IDs (131784135, 129164669, and 126555950).

Also when viewing these scouts’ connections; I noticed parents of the troops are marked as adult leaders, but they are just parents and have never been leaders. The system has granted these parents the to view only on profile.

The father of the three scouts above has multiple IDs, can these be merged? Under the name of Larry and Boe.

I am not seeing the scouts’ mother in the list on connection manager. Her id is126555951.

@DonaldClark_Jr The dad appears to have multiple e-mail addresses in the BSA’s systems. If he could log in to his my.scouting account and update his e-mail there, we can sync it over.

His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

If a parent in your unit is connected to other Scouts in the troop who are not their own children, then the connection type will show up as “Adult Leader”, because Scoutbook does not have an “Other” connection type. However, they will not be able to approve anything, because they are not actually leaders in the unit.

Ok, I am having them log in to my.scouting so we can get his account merged. What about their mother’s account? She is not set as Full control being the parent of the mentioned scouts.

I wasn’t clear from your original post.

When you look at the scouts’ connections individually, are the parents showing as “Parent/Guardian” in the connection type, but don’t show up as having Full Control? Or are they not listed as “Parent/Guardian” in the connection type? You said something about them being connected as leaders, and I wasn’t sure if that was in addition to being connected as parents or not.

Issues are twofold.
For the scouts’ Mom who is a leader (id 126555951). She is listed as parent-guardian, but is not set up as full control for her scouts.

As far as other parents showing as “adult leader” when just parents; I adjusted their rights under the connection manager. I just don’t know how they were assigned to view scouts’ profiles in the first place.

@DonaldClark_Jr do you have a moment for a screenshare so we can see this?

@DonaldClark_Jr I see the issue with the Mom’s connection type. Are you able to reset it by going to each Scout’s Connections? Click on her name, make sure “Parent/Guardian” is checked, and click “Update” to save.

With regard to parents who are connected to other Scouts in the troop (not their own children), they should be connected (View Profile) if you want the parents to be able to use Scoutbook’s messaging system and message other people in the unit.

Yes, I can do a screen share now.

So I was able to go into each scout and select their mother. Parent / Guardian was already checked but disabled. I hit the update button and she is now showing has had full control.

So, I may have broken this by performing security based on position; a new function under the troop roster. I wanted to make sure all ASMs had the ability to edit advancements. This process may over rode part of the security for parents being full admins that are also ASMs.

Has that part been tested?

We’ve applied Permissions by Position using the Feature Assistant Extension in the past and not had an issue with it revoking Full Control for parents. If it’s happening now, that’s a new bug.

I went through other scouts where their parent is an ASM and all are showing the same thing. Where they are listed as parent / guardian, but only have View / Edit Advancement / profile.

@GaryFeutz maybe needs to be looked at ???

Tested. Not an extension issue.


I checked my troop and did not see any examples of this. If you’d be willing to leave a couple in that state and provide the member numbers, we can have the developers take a look.

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