Connections Manager Updates

Hello! I am a new advancement coordinator in our troop and I am wanting to update the connections manager so that only the Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair and I can edit records. Currently, all of the adult leaders and parents have full control but I can’t seem to find out how to change that option to keep it more secure.

Thank you for any information anyone can provide.

@StaceyMoe - just to be clear… you will not ever be able to remove parental full control.

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The BSA has decided that parents shall have full control connections to their children. Scoutbook is designed for Scouts and their families to be able to update their own records, the same way they can write in the physical handbooks.

Parens who are not leaders cannot approve advancement, only mark it completed. Parents who are leaders should be instructed not to check the leader approved check box unless that is their role in the unit.


Does myScouting now have an advancement role that needs to be turned on for unit advancement chairs?

There is a Unit Advancement Chair role at my.scouting. Turning it on will make the adult leader a unit Admin in Scoutbook and give more permissions in Internet Advancement.

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