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Connections manager issue

I am trying to update some scouts connections and I bring up the table and click the dot, nothing. I get a finger pointer like it should, it just won’t open anything. Same with clicking the scout column. If I click the adult in the left column I can change the connection for all of the scouts.

I can update the connections from the scout record, but then I can’t change the permissions., the buttons are grayed out. All show full permission.

I have refreshed my admin status.


First, clicking on the Scout’s name in Connection Manager to change all connections to the Scout requires the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox. See Feature Assistant - What is it? for details.

Connections between parents and their Scouts cannot be changed. Parents have non-revokable full control connections to their Scouts. Similarly den/patrol admins have non-revokable full control connections to all Scouts in their den/patrol. Unit admins have non-revokable full control connections to all Scouts in the unit. If you are trying to change any of these full control connections, all of the choices will be grayed out.

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