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Connection Manager Bug

We have a large troop (68 scouts, 34 leaders, and an uknown but large # of non-leader parents). So the “Connection Manager” grid on the roster page is quite large. Some dots I can click and a window comes up to re-set the connections between that scout (column) and that adult (parent). But some don’t. I can’t identify any rhyme or reason to which ones don’t work - noticed it with a non-leader parent with two sons in the troop. I tried to go to son #2 and add the mom, but she didn’t show up on the search so I tried the grid and I can’t click on the dot either. She’s logged into scoutbook for son #1 5 days ago. Any ideas?

Turns out that Mom was a cub scout leader, so was already connected to the scout with leader privileges. The ‘grid view’ doesn’t let you override the type of connection I guess. All my scouts have in the high 80’s connections left over from cubs, other troops, etc. Even after cleaning. Makes it hard to find one.


Parents have non-revokable full control connection to their Scouts. Unit admins have non-revokable full control connections to all the Scouts in the unit. Den/Patrol admins have non-revokable full control connections to all the Scouts in their Den/Patrol.

If a Scout is dual registered, you cannot change connections to leaders in the other unit(s).


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