Connections Manager New Issue

When updating individual adult - scout connection privileges. I get… “You do not have permissions to change this scout’s permissions!” message. This happens in both Troop and Patrol Connections manager. But I can select an adult and change connection privileges to all scouts for that adult and I can go into an individual scout’s connections and make changes, which is very time consuming for a large troop. This is fairly new as I was able to make individual adult-scout privledge changes through both Roster/patrol Connections Managers last week. I’ve been a troop admin and maintaining SB for 4 years. I’ve tried refreshing everything.


I am also seeing this error message. I am a Troop Admin for the unit, but when I go past the first “page” on the Connections Manager, I can’t edit any permissions. Seems like this might be related to the switch to pages in the Connections Manager? I don’t know when that change happened, but I don’t remember having this problem before that change.

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