I can't make changes in the connections manager for my pack

I am unable to make changes in the connections manager right now period. Is this a known bug being worked on? I have tried in different browsers as has been suggested but with no success.

I am pack admin in Scoutbook and have always been able to make these changes more and more. It seems like I am losing more and more control to help people all the time in Scoutbook and it’s getting frustrating.

I kinda wish the BSA never took it over because it’s been going down hill ever since. Now I can’t even ask for tech help from IT, I have to post in the forum. If this were a commercial business it would be out of business in a month.

Sometimes Admin accounts get messed up - do this > Go to unit page of unit you are admin in > click roster > click your name > click your unit admin position > click update - see if that solves it

I tried that and it did nothing to change my abilities.

When you say you can’t make changes, what are you trying to change?

Recent changes have restricted the connections between unregistered adults and Scouts where they are not connected as Parent/Guardian. These unregistered adults can only have View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement connections. Due to a bug in Connection Manager, using it to change the connection type to an unregistered adult will result in them getting View Profile and View Advancement. The developers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

If you want to give unregistered adults only View Profile you must do so from the Scout or Adult’s connection page.

That is exactly what is happening but it’s also happening to one of my registered den leaders as well and she can’t update any of the advancements in her den.

I tried to make the changes in each individual scouts profile but it wouldn’t change and there was no option for connections in my leader’s profile.


Post the den leader’s BSA Member ID, we do not need a name, and we will investigate.

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