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Invitation to connect and granting permissions

Hi! I’m Advancement Chair for a girls troop. We have had difficulty with inviting parents to connect. We would only like to grant permission to view advancement, but all the controls are automatically red, granting full control, then shaded out. I can’t find how to change them. Can someone help me with how to change the settings to only grant viewing? Thanks!

BSA has decided parents have Full Control


Full control isn’t quite “full” as they can’t leader approve. That may help @ElizabethMastrion and the Troop’s concerns.


With the caveat that, if the parent is also a leader, then they can Leader Approve. We as unit leaders just developed and enforce policy regarding who does and doesn’t Leader Approve things. It’s working (mostly) well.

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Thank you. So, when a parent invites their scout to connect, the scout then has full control as well?

The Scout would have the same control over her account info that a parent without leader access would have. So she could mark items competed, but not approved or awarded.

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Okay, got it! I appreciate all the feedback!

Yes, a Scout can always mark items complete. This is no different than the Scout writing in the handbook. When a requirement or award has a green check mark, the Scout is saying “I have completed the work and am ready to be tested.” It is an indication to the leader the the Scout is ready for the discussion that needs to take place after each requirement.

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@ElizabethMastrion - here is a real world example… just how does one lock down the paper handbook… just saying

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As long as leaders still approve and award like we do in their books, all is well. My question was already answered above.

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