Contact for issues not addressed in Forum?

Where would I go to resolve an issue I have in IA that was not answered or addressed using this forum? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

what is the issue? or you can talk to council to open a national membercare ticket

This is the issue I posted last week:

I log onto IA and look at my roster. When looking at the individual accounts for some scouts (a select few) I receive this message:

Error! Logged in User does not have access to the API

I only receive the message for a few Scouts on the roster, the rest are fine. Note. When I look at these accounts the picture image from a previous scout account shows in their account. Scouts with error:




But you can still access the scouts right - just the message appears? I see the same thing but the system still works - that is a known bug

I can access the scouts name, but have no access to their profiles. The information that shows is empty or loads the data from the most recent profile (i.e. not the Scout in question)

Have not seen that? let me poke around and turn it in

@MarkCorbett What path do you take when you try to access their profiles?

Do you log in at my.scouting, then go to Internet Advancement?

Or do you log in at Scoutbook, and then click on Edit Profile?

@JenniferOlinger regardless of which way I log into IA the same thing happens. I tried both just now to confirm.

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@MarkCorbett are you still seeing this or is it fixed - try Shift + Refresh

Donovan: I tried to check and see if a Shift + Refresh would work, but unfortunately, IA is not loading at all this morning. Will try later.