"Contact the adult leader with any questions"

On the auto-generated Activity Consent Forms, there is a set of fields for adult leader information. These should be pre-filled with the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster’s information.

The unit leader might not be the event leader/point of contact, though. I agree that there should be a way to designate the event leader and have that info input to the forms.


I agree! I just looked at the form details recently and was like “oh! we haven’t been filling this out”. One should be able to check a box that uses a leader that has been set as the trips designated leader.

True, but I am just asking for the minimum, that could be implemented with almost no effort. Adding a feature to choose the event leader would take time and programming effort. And while the unit leader may not always be the best contact person, he should always be a valid contact person for any event; i.e. he should know about the event, and know who is in charge of it.

Though perhaps an easier way to accomplish the same thing would be by calendar; if the event is on a patrol calendar, for example, the patrol advisor would be the automatic contact person.

Agreed! A drop down that shows up when you click permission slip box. The drop down shows adults who are in the invite list. One then picks a leader to be the “leader of record” to show up on the permission slips.

There has been some pushback on feature requests lately. This request is a good one since the BSA may not go electronic. If we still do paper, the effort to do paper should be as low as possible. I know a unit that is staying with troopwebhost purely for the permission slip features.


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