Parent leader

We are trying to invite an adult to lead our Wolf den but can’t locate him on the “invite a leader” process. We can see him attached to his children.

What should we try next?

Vivek Bommi

Your assigned unit commissioner should be able to provide advice. Procedures can vary between councils, There should also be information on your council’s website.

Has parent completed youth protection training and registered as a leader?

Can you provide a BSA membership number (no name) that a SBAC monitor can check.

Note, some states and local governments have additional background check and training that needs to be completed. What state is your pack in?


Do they show up on your my.scouting roster as something other than a Lion/Tiger Adult Partner?

Thanks for the hints. He’s not showing up in our my.scouting rooster. He has an “invalid birthday” message on his acoount. He is reaching out to council to get that resolved and then were going to try again.

Yeah I do not see an adult leader registration for him

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