Already earned awards are listed as not approved or awarded

Hello, I just logged for the first time as my troops advancement chair. We use Troopmaster. We have some scouts that earned awards years in the past, but they are now listed as needing approval. Once I approve them, they are still listed as not being awarded. How do I fix this?

Andrea - could you post some screen shots with names redacted ?

Awarded is just a Scoutbook setting it is not used in Internet Advancement . On old awards my first guess would be that they were never uploaded to National and that is why they are now saying they need approval

Here is one: When I first opened his detail, all of his ranks were listed as pending. I clicked the approve all button and it approved all of them accept his eagle rank, which he earned in November 2018. In the old internet advancement it had been approved by national along with his eagle palms. The system seems to have approved his palms, just not all the ranks.

I may have figured out this issue. This scout transferred into this troop with ranks already earned. They may have never been added to his new troop record. Which could be why they were showing up as needing approval.

I have this same issue for 16 of my 29 scouts; multiple ranks showing as pending - one is already Eagle as of months ago. One scout who is in high school with tenderfoot rank is listed as a bear scout. Our troop uses Troop Web Host which was synced an up to date with IA1. I don’t have time to screen shot all of them. Is there a pending fix for this. I have no confidence in Scoutbook / IA2 now and am not sure how to proceed.

To be clear, I am not referring to ‘awards.’ I am referring to rank advancements.

@KimberlyAddington, this appears to be cross-posted in another discussion, and received a response there.

Troop Web Host does not automatically sync to Internet Advancement. You need to save a file and import it to IA2.

Troop Web Host (I Believe) has lied for years that it synced to IA1.

That was never my experience. (Advancement Chair, Unit has used TWH for 5 years)
I always had to do manual entry to IA1.
Things are very quick and easy with a single file upload now to IA2.

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