Correct Parent Birthday in

I have a parent trying to do an online transfer their Cub Scout into our Pack from a different council. In, the parent received the error stating it can’t be done because he is ‘under 18’. I believe the parent set up the account with his son’s birthday and not the adult birthday.

Is there a way to update the account with the correct adult birthday? The parent and current council stated they are unable to change online.

  1. Or does the parent need to create a new account?
  2. Can the same email address be used in the new account?
  3. Should the old mailing address be used in FL or the new mailing address in GA (to assist with syncing and transferring)?
  4. How do I link the adult to his scout in so the adult can do an online transfer and pay the recharter fee? (FL council recharters in Feb, GA council recharters in Jan)

[We are a Pack with a large military population and I expect this to happen again with incoming/outgoing families year round.]

Thank you!

can you give us the BSA member ID and correct birthdate of the parent?

This topic can be closed. The parent was able to troubleshoot and complete the online transfer.

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