Birthday and Linking Scouts

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I am trying to link my sons to my but it keeps saying that I am under 18. I have them on scoutbook but need to transfer them to their new pack and troop. I also need to register my daughter as a new webelo. How do I do this?

My bsa is 13347929. My sons numbers are 136411071 and 13835282

@WesShelton I would recommend logging in at my.scouting and updating your address there. I think I was able to fix your other issue, but you will want to double-check your date of birth.

How do I update my DOB? I can’t figure out how to do that?

I think that has to be done by council staff (e.g. registrar).

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@WesShelton I was able to sync it, but you will want to log in at my.scouting to ensure that it is correct.

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Birthday is correct thanks! What does it mean when it says I am not authorized to access this API when I am trying to transfer my son? He is going from a stateside troop in VA to one in Germany for US Military?

Do you have the same legal first name as one of your sons? I hope so, because I found your parent registration as such and did some merging for you.

I do. My son Liam and I share the same first name. Connor however does not. His was saying the same thing

Oh good. Give it until about 7am CT to sync overnight and try again. To be clear, you applying online via beascout?

Yeah I’m going through the find a pack/troop web page to get to pack/troop 324 in Stuttgart. I will wait and try again in the morning.

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It worked and I was able to submit transfers for both of my boys. Thanks!