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BSA 14823491 / SB 10475235

Youth was just transferred by council from a different council. His linked adult’s email address is wrong (it’s the generic changeyouremail@ address). The account is not connected. When I try to edit the adult profile to put the correct email in, it says “Logged in user does not have access to this API”. I am a K3 delegate and can access other unconnected adult profiles.

What is the correct way to correct this? Should I make a new connection with dad’s email? The search doesn’t turn up his email address (but maybe broken)? His email was on a paper transfer app through our council.

Thank you.

This is fixed @JenniferFerraz but father has not logged in for over 3 years - Sign in with Apple

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@JenniferFerraz I think you were getting the error message because the parent’s Scoutbook account was still set to the old council and district. Donovan merged the Scoutbook accounts, and I have updated the council and district.

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