My Scouting Scout Transfer Error

I have reported the following error to my registrar and she has said she has done a number of things to try to fix it but the transfer is still not working. This was the first error that I got and she added the mother. Then I receive the Date of Birth error and I looked up his application and found that the father was listed on the application with a birth date so I asked her to attach the father instead and provide his birth date. Now we are back to square one with the same error and she cannot seem to get it fixed. She is asking that I bring a paper application to the council office for processing. Is there a known process to fix this error that I can convey to her? The online transfer worked beautifully for two other Scouts this year.

Failed to Transfer SCOUT NAME member ID: ########. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information.

My registrar had corrected several for me by adding a parent relationship in Scoutnet. I then allowed a day or so before trying to transfer them again to allow systems to sync. This isn’t information I have any visibility into. So, I can’t say how difficult it is for the registrars to do it correctly. From what I’ve seen it seems pretty straight forward.

We know there are youth in ScoutNet that do not have the parent child connection. It didn’t matter until this new transfer process. So, it’s a known error, the only fix is to get the council to make the connection in ScoutNet, let it sync and then start over.


I tried multiple times today. It finally worked just now 6 days after the registrar updated the records.