Correct Scoutbook Side for consolidating duplicate member IDs

We had an individual with 2 member IDs and the my.scouting/Scoutnet side of things has been fixed up but I think the Scoutbook side is still messed up.

My.scouting account is currently linked to member ID 135982044 and the registrar merged 133204579 into it so 135982044 should be the only active one.

Scoutbook User ID 2420929 which was the one that was getting used was linked to the now defunct member ID 133204579
Scoutbook User ID 9759360 which was never set up is linked to the good member ID 135982044

I think the User ID 2420929 needs linked to member ID 135982044 and the User ID 9759360 can just orphan or be removed/disconnected. Anyhow, let me know what needs done to clean up the Scoutbook side of this relationship.

I merged the Scoutbook accounts. MID 135982044 is on this account.

The address in Akela does not match the address in Scoutbook and the user’s middle name is missing in Akela. If Akela is incorrect, the registrar needs to make the update.

Do those things need to be matching, or is that just a discrepancy you noticed? Anyhow, all of that should be self-service by the individual if it needs to be matching.

Her name needs to match. I don’t believe the address is critical, however, if the Akela has the wrong address, anything the Council or BSA may send her via mail will go to the wrong place.

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