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MisMatched Member IDs between ScoutNet and ScoutBook

My Council Merit Badge Counselor upload of 1180 counselors results in 10 records where the ScoutNet record does not match the ScoutBook record. The member numbers on my list are pulled directly from ScoutNet via the Print Registrant Selection report for MBC.

When I upload those counselors to ScoutBook, I get the message “Unable to find BSA #XXXXXXXXX in ScoutBook. Closest match is BSA #YYYYYYYYY”. For 6 of the records, the SB YYY number matches a real (duplicate) member ID in ScoutBook. That MemberID is mostly incomlete and not the record used to register the person as an MBC.

The other 4 MBC have ScoutBook ID’s that are not found in ScoutNet.

What is the cause of this problem and how do I clear it up?

For those with duplicate MemberID’s I can Merge the two ScoutNet Memberships into one, but which member number should survive and be the active MemberID? The one originally registered as an MBC which has most of their training records? Or the one that seems to have come from ScoutBook? (That one does not contain their history or training.)

For those whose ScoutBook MemberID are not found in ScoutNet, does that mean they have not linked their My.Scouting.org account to their membership? If so, do I just get them to make the link and all will be good? Is there a way to link ScoutBook accounts to ScoutNet, similar to the way My.Scouting.Org accounts are linked to ScoutNet?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

As a side note, can someone explain how the MemberIDs from ScoutBook, My.Scouting.Org and ScoutNet are allocated and related. It seems that each system has it’s own set of MemberIDs and establishing a linkage between them all is confusing.



BSA Member IDs in Scoutbook are taken directly from Akela, the BSA person database. Ideally an individual will only have one BSA Member ID, however there are several reasons this is not the case.

  1. BSA Member IDs are assigned to a single Council. A Council cannot see a BSA Member ID assigned to a different Council. This is why when you change Councils, you get a new BSA Member ID.
  2. An individual completed an application for 2 positions with 2 names (Joe Smith vs. Joseph Smith). The registrar may not have located the original application, thought this was a new person and created a new BSA Member ID.

Case 2 can easily happen if for example, a parent is entered into the database as a Lion or Tiger Adult Partner then later registers as a leader or a former Scout registers as a leader. I recommend that anyone registering write their BSA Member ID on the new application if they have one.

For Case 2, the recommend fix is to contact your council registrar, have them merge the BSA Member IDs and retire the extra(s). After that, send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the member’s name, list of BSA Member IDs and the one that survived. Asked them to merge the accounts and retain the surviving BSA Member ID.

Ed, Thanks for the reply.
I am aware of the Member Merge function in ScoutNet as I work with the Council Registrar.

However I do not believe these duplicate MemberIDs were due to the registrar creating a duplicate ScoutNet entry. Rather, I believe that they occured when a person registered in My.Scouting.Org and didn’t enter their original ScoutNet MemberID. At least at one point that created a separate MemberID (8 digits for our council?).

My question is, when I merge, which MemberID should be the surviving number? The original record from ScoutNet with all of the history, or the “new” number that ScoutBook/My.Scouting.Org created and is linked to?

If I merge the person into their Orignial ScoutNet MemberID, what happens to the linkage between ScoutBook/My.Scouting.Org and the other MemberID? Does the ScoutNet system let the ScoutBook/My.Scouting.Org system know about the changed MemberID, or is the linkage broken and it is up to the member must re-establish it via My.Scouting.org Manage Member ID? In that case, it would seem to be best to merge the old MemberID into the “new” MemberID to maintain the linkage with ScoutBook?

What I am looking for is guidance that will make the changes the easiest for the member.

They just need to us Manage Member ID and make one primary if they care about it

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