Scout Member ID in Scoutbook & my.scouting do not match

I have a cub in Scoutbook (137366703) that recently joined my pack. This ID currently has advancement attached to it & is marked as advancement synced. It has been the only listing of this person in Scoutbook. During recharter, I noticed there were 2 IDs for this cub in my.scouting. After asking my registrar to merge the 2 IDs with the Scoutbook ID as the remaining, the other survived. So, this ID, although marked as synced, no longer has a corresponding ID in my.scouting.

The ID listed in my.scouting (13735216) has never filtered to Scoutbook & is now the only ID for this person in my.scouting. Both IDs continue to show on my recharter roster. Refreshing the roster does not remove the deleted ID. On my recharter, I have moved the Scoutbook ID to “remove from roster” so it will match scoutnet.

To add to the issue, this is a Lion Scout with an adult partner for each ID (137366704 & 13735217). My registrar did not attempt to combine these. Both are on the my.scouting roster & only -704 is in Scoutbook (attached to the -703 cub).

Could someone please help me make the IDs match.

These numbers do not line up - they are different people - please chack again @LadonnaWare so we know the user having issues

Sorry, left a digit out of the my.scouting ID …137352316. Also left the ‘3’ out on the parent …137352317

@LadonnaWare ok I think this is all fixed

After overnight refresh, the scout has been fixed. The parent still has 2 accounts.

@LadonnaWare I only see one parent - check the Scoutbook User ID under Edit profile for the ones you see and post those numbers

Parent is listed in Scoutbook once (137366704). He is listed on roster in my.scouting twice (137366704 & 137352317). I have to turn in my recharter today & I want to include the correct one.

You need to talk to council on that

He is listed as a LIon Adult Partner twice. Does he have twins in your pack? Your council should be able to merge his two BSA Member IDs since neither was registered as a leader.

Thanks for all your help. I’ll try again with my council registrar. She told me that he was a parent partner so it was irreverent that there were 2 accounts.

Only 1 scout/parent pair from this family. They were entered twice when signed up. Tried to get registrar to merge, but messed up. Donovan fixed the scout. Parent is still double listed.

@LadonnaWare what you need to know from registrar is which is connected to Scout in ScoutNET as a parent - then you can drop the other one from charter

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