Correcting an incorrect camping log that was approved

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Activity Log Correction problem
I have a scout who incorrectly entered a summer camp log in the wrong year that was approved.

If I go into edit, I see his name and two older scouts who did attend camp that year.

(One for the regular week, the other for an extended stay as camp staff.)

If I select the scout to be remove, Member ID133914729 it will remove his name from the sidebar, but when I scroll down the page to confirm the Edit and Finish,

it lights up the older scout with the extended stay as red error boxes which read: Cannot exceed total days , Cannot exceed total nights.

This older scout is no longer on our roster as he has aged out. I don’t know how I can edit this to allow removing the scout who entered the wrong year.

The current scout has since entered the correct year so this is showing him with the incorrect total of camping nights by not being able to remove the incorrect year entry.
He had made a couple similar errors, but I had no issues editing those to delete.

I’m using a laptop PC, Microsoft 365 operating system, Chrome browser
With Spirit of Adventure Council in Northern Light District chartered with Trinitarian Congregational Church
Thanks for any solution.

I would need to do a screenshare to understand this - as it works fine for me @CindyCuster

It works fine. I just think I have a unique issue with the one scout that did an extended staff camping at the same camp the year this current scout accidentally entered and that is what is causing an issue because that one has aged out. I cannot alter that record to accommodate the correction.


If the Scout is no longer on your roster in Internet Advancement, you may need to ask your Council to open a ticket with BSA IT to have the record corrected.

The scout in error that needs to be corrected is a current member.
For some reason the aged out scout’s log is impeding the correction at the final edit step.
I have notified my council with the issue

I have tried this with no issue - I think with a screenshare we might be able to figure it out - or gather better info to pass on

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Here is a copy of the detailed email I sent to Council, but they are out of the office until the 7th.

Sorry, missing last screen shot #6 attached

Er…it seems like the issue is that the number of days credited for one scout exceeds the duration of the event. That error message suggests that the system is working correctly. Maybe I’m missing something key?

If you change the event duration to 25 days/24 nights and leave the one scout who was only there a week with 7 days/6 nights in the individual settings, does that solve the problem and you can save the event?

that is not an error - if he staffed you would either need to change the dates of event or make a second event for the staffing


@CindyCuster - it is telling you exactly what is wrong… your entire event was 7 days so the entry of 24/25 is not valid for the duration of the event as entered. It would need to be its own entry for the duration.

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it was probably made before that limitation was in place


The issue is the scout who made the camping entry error recently.

The Scout with the extended camping is an Eagled Scout whose camping entry is finalized in the system and he has now aged out. His extended camping is not in need of editing or finalizing. It was entered. It was fine. I have no access to change anything of his as it should be.

New scout enters wrong year on his camping night and now extended camping entry of Eagle scout it is causing an error message not allowing me to finalize the correction on the scout who made the entry error.

There appears to be no way for me to by pass this and simply delete the error this current scout has made.

Also, the Eagled aged out scout’s entry shouldn’t even show up linked this way since his entry would have been made as an individual since he was there in the capacity of Staff and not a one week attendee. Only the Camp and Year are the same.

To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting modifying the former scout’s data. I was suggesting modifying the event itself to bring the number of days for the former scout within the limits set by the event. Another approach might be to create a separate “new” event that’s only a week long and move the scouts who were only there a week to that new event, and revise the existing event to show the “staffing” duration.

It’s not entirely clear how the two would have ended up linked, nor why it permitted the number of days for an individual to exceed the number of days for the event. As @DonovanMcNeil noted, it was probably a bug from before that wasn’t checking that the number of days matched the number of days for the event.

In the end, there’s no way to override the conflict between the number of days listed for scout FD and the duration of the event. Either the number of days for the event has to be modified to encompass all of FD’s staffing participation (leaving scout MJ with the correct number of days for the week-long participation), FD has to be moved to a new event that has the right number of days, or the event is modified and scout MJ is moved to a new event with the correct number of days for their participation. The latter two options seem more complicated than necessary, and altering the event duration itself seems like the path of least resistance.