Correcting the spelling of a name

How do you correct the spelling of a name in the recharter system

Talk to your council @DavidFornadel

If it’s an adult, they can use their own MyScouting profile to change the name. If it’s a youth, talk to registrar.

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I tried doing that and it didn’t work. My First/Last name box is greyed out. If I try to update the available blank boxes (like middle name), I receive an error saying I’m ineligible to make changes.

I’d like to add a suffix to my profile to distinguish my son and I (Jr and III, respectively). I also need to correct his Middle Name.


Contact your Council to make name changes. Note due to the Criminal Background Check, adults must use their legal name.

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Gotcha. Yeah middle name and suffix are legal. Not sure why it wasn’t included if the background is a factor.


I have been trying to correct the spelling of a scout’s last name with our council for over 7 months now with no resolution. Emails and office visits. I need one letter added to his name. One letter. At this point, I am just disgusted that such a simple request is being ignored by our council. I think it is very disrespectful to someone to know that you have misspelled their name and not even care.

Is there any other way to fix this? I’m tired of making excuses to this scout and his mother.

This is bread and butter of the council registrar. If you haven’t been, work with them directly.

I have spent 7 months trying to work with them, bringing in copies of paperwork, more emails than I want to count. Still no fix.

@CynthiaCerame what is BSA #?

#134791344. Correct spelling is Whitener

Even you say them, was it with the registrar directly? I could see where others may give you an issue, but the registrar is where the rubber meets the road.

nothing we can do - and no way around it I do not think - just print it out - go to office and cause a sweet southern stink

Yes, I have been working with and sending emails directly to our council’s registrar.

Thanks. I have gone into the office with paperwork showing the correct spelling and was assured this would be fixed. It is still not, 7 months and about a dozen emails later. This should not be this difficult. I shouldn’t have to take an afternoon off of work to handle something like this.

@CynthiaCerame Have you tried getting your District Executive (DE) involved?

Our district doesn’t have an executive currently- he quit this summer and still has not been replaced. I did copy our council executive on the most recent emails sent.

Does your council have an assistant registrar?

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If this was work, and I wanted to “force the issue”, who does the registrar report to. Your question was a better one.