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Edit Addresses or Spelling Fixes on Internet Recharter

Hi, in the past Internet Recharter is my opportunity to correct spelling errors (entered by Council) and updating addresses. I can’t find a way to do that in this new system. Our Charter Org mailing address is also wrong by one digit (should be 689, entered as 389). Where do I go to make these changes without having to contact Council and wait forever for a response. Our charter expires 12/31. And I’d really like to complete this process ASAP.

Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates can correct addresses at my.scouting on the Roster. Afterwards, Refresh Roster in Recharter.

For adults, you should always go through your council to correct misspelled names, because they are associated with criminal background checks (CBCs). I think the only way to correct names now (adults and youth) is to go through your local council. I would talk to your DE about correcting the misspelled names now vs. after recharter.

Updating your chartered organization’s address also needs to be done by your council.

Thank you. How about indicating multiple positions? I have a leader who was denied her Scouter’s Training Award because she wasn’t officially registered as Den Leader on the roster but just a Committee Member. How do I make sure that she receives the award she rightfully earned through service and training next year?

This is a common problem created by BSA official policy. The policy is that you can only be registered in one position in one unit, unless you are Chartered Org Rep, who can also be registered as a Committee Member. There is no way to have a Den Leader registered in two different roles in the same unit.

If the unit doesn’t need the individual to be a committee member to meet their minimums, I would register them as a DL.

ETA: However, I think that the individual has to complete the training award requirements while registered in that position, so they would have to repeat the award tasks, excluding any position-specific training that’s not expired, for example, which would just carry over.

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Technically, a Committee Member cannot be registered as a Committee Member and a Den Leader in the same unit (pack), so you have to pick one or the other. The Chartered Organization Rep. is the only one who can register in another adult leader position (Committee Chair, Committee Member, New Member Coordinator, or Pack Trainer) within the same unit.

Please see the BSA Registration Guidebook section on Multiple Registrations on page 16 (or 14)

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Not to be too technical, but I assume you mean Den Leader’s training award? The Den Leader’s Training award is 1 year as DL. The Scouter’s training award is 2 years as a registered scouter. There are a few other details, but those are the time requirements.

If she registers this year as a DL, and the end of year 2 of her service in total, she would get both awards. That is 2 knots (one yellow on blue and one green on tan). So, she will have to wait, and serve, one more year BUT she can get double the awards!

Usually, for us, the biggest issue is the 4 round tables as we don’t have Cub Scout pow wows and rarely have a University of Scouting.

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Matt makes a good point. The Den Leader Training Award is for registered Den Leaders, but the Scouter’s Training Award can be earned by any registered Cub Scout adult leader who meets the requirements.

Training Awards for Adult Leaders in Units


You are right! I meant the DL award (the blue and yellow one). Thank you so much.

Sorry. Last question. How do I indicate that the Executive Officer and COR are the same person in the recharter? Do I add the same person twice?

From what I’ve seen on here, that is the best approach.

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