Scout with misspelled last name on Scoutbook

I have a scout with a misspelled last name on Scoutbook. Her BSA ID is 135911526 is user ID is 4811160. We need to delete the first “r” in her last name, and keep the second “r”, so it still ends in “********”. Thanks.


Her name is spelled the same way on her person record in Akela. You will need to have your Council fix this using registrar tools. After the Council makes the change, it will be updated in Scoutbook within 48 hours.

Thanks for the help!

I checked with the registrar of my Council, and she insists she cannot change it. She says I can change it by logging into Scoutbook on my own. I can’t figure out how to change it, and as far as I am aware that is not something I can do as a troop admin.

Is there any additional language you can share with me that I can tell her so that perhaps she can figure out how to do it?

@KatieDaughenbaugh Registrar needs to use registrar tools to change it - then it will move to Scoutbook

…and you are correct that this is not something that can be changed by unit-level personnel in Scoutbook or in my.scouting.

I told her those exact words and she says she has no way to do that. Are there any other specific instructions or catch words I can use to help her figure it out?

If your registrar doesn’t know how to fix a name in registrar tools, there are internal workgroups that can be used to get help.

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@KatieDaughenbaugh It looks like your Registrar has corrected the spelling of the Scout’s last name. I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

Everything should be good now.

Yes, she was able to figure it out. Thank you so much for your help! Couldn’t scoutbook without you guys.

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