Council MB Dean and MB Lists

I am the Council Merit Badge Dean. I am having issues utilizing Scoutbook and to do the following:

  1. Create a current Master List of the Counselors to use within our Council Advancement Committee only.
  2. Access to see what counselors do what merit badge and to look up counselors for a specific merit badge. I am no longer connected to a troop unit so that avenue is gone.
  3. Able to down the entire district ‘trained’ list for Counselors. It is currently set up I have to do EACH page download separately, then copy/paste that to a main spreadsheet. That is 20 times or more.
  4. I am only able to access my district, yet my role is for the entire council.

How do I go about fixing these issues so I can do my volunteer role effectively to help my Deans, Scouts and Units please?

@UrsulaSeefeld those are not Scoutbook issues - Scoutbook is a unit tool - these would be my.scouting issues to talk to council about (so I changed thread category). Not sure if there is a council or district functional role for that

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Thank you Donovan on the quick response!

Many councils don’t have the “dean” role. Most are just managed through the normal district and council advancement committees.

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