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Trying to find a functional positions permission/roles list for. My.Scouting

I am in need of district MBC Deans being able to get to the district rosters and reports to pull out MBC list . Thank you for adding the badges here.

The Scoutbook Knowlege Base has the following help file: Merit Badge Counselor List for Councils and Districts (myscouting)

Functional roles are set in the Position Manager tool. I do not believe there is a functional role for Merit Badge Counselors’ Dean in my.Scouting Tools.

I am assigned the functional role of being on the district membership committee. In Menu > district-name > Roster (tool) > Reports I have

Listing of current merit badge counselors that can sorted by badge or troop only.


Which will list the contact information and badges handled by each MBC living in my district. At the top of that report there is a “Export to CVS” file button.

That downloaded file has the following column heading in row 10:

The report file includes one row for each MBC.

There is currently a problem with the Merit Badges column because the list in the column is comma delimited for each MBC.

P.S. This report is not an internet advancement tool report.

No what I am looking for is getting a scouter to the report menu under rosters to print the merit badge counselor listing at the district level.

From what I have read. Merit badges may begin to be entered by the end of the year, and I want to make sure my district deans have the capability of doing that and getting the report. I do not want to do 1600 myself. We have eight deans keeping track of our lists by district since the MBC is a district member.

This same question was answered recently. See the following topic:

The list you are thinking of is at the end of the document that is linked in the posting.

The functional roles are included in the listing, albeit very hard to read. It is a little dated but covers most of the questions I had on functional roles.

My advice: Take your time and read the listing carefully.
I hope this helps you.

While there is no actual role for a MBC coordinator/dean, in our local district this person was made a Ket 3 delegate because they needed access to Roster as well as training info. There may be some other role that will fill this need without using this “shotgun” solution. If there is, it will be in that document from the closed post.

I have a district that uses all of their Key 3 Delegates… That is what I have been using myself.

@RickPoplin I will go look at the post in

I will look it over, but if they upgrade the MBC they will need one for MBC Dean as the person that handles badge approvals in districts or councils other than registrar.

Thank you!

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