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How do you download an andvancement history from internet advancement?

The old version we could download to PDF a copy of a single scout’s advancement history to PDF. This was very useful when it came to the scout completing his Eagle application. The new version does not have this capability that I have found. Is this possible in this “new, improved” version of internet advancement?

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That has not been implemented yet - you could log into and download a history report for each scout

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There is an Advancement History report In Internet Advancement, which is similar to the Member Summary report that was available in the “old” Internet Advancement. Click on:

  1. Roster
  2. Select a Scout
  3. Run Report -> Advancement History

You will need to right click on the page in order to print.

However, there is also an option to download a pre-filled Eagle Scout rank application via Internet Advancement (or Scoutbook). In Internet Advancement:

  1. Select a Scout.
  2. Click on Record Advancement.
  3. Type of Advancement -> Rank
  4. Advancement Item -> Eagle Scout
  5. Then click on the button where it says
    “Open Eagle application for:
    [Scout’s name]”

This form is an editable pdf. The Scout still needs to verify that all information on the form is correct.

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Thank you, Jennifer! This is a wonderful enhancement from the old system. I tried it out using your directions, and they are spot on! This will be used from now on!

Donovan, there is no advancement data in Scoutbook for my troop. We really do not use that platform, as it is very clunky, and have to do multiple clicks to find what you are actually looking for. Internet Advancement is our place for keeping track of records, as it is the official BSA record for each scout.

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Internet Advancement and Scoutbook both use the same database. So if there is advancement data in Internet Advancement, you will also see it in Scoutbook (and vice versa).

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