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Council reports missing

With the latest updates can no longer find council reports


Are you talking about the Council Admin reports? Go to Dashboard > Reports > Council Users

Doesn’t seem to be there and I am a Council Admin

Can someone else with council admin status see if it is still available for them.


Just got this back from support after questioning missing reports

Thank you for contacting Scoutbook! I’m happy to assist you. Unfortunately, the Council Users report has been removed. If you would like to see this added back, you can post in the New Feature Request Forum. These posts are viewed by our Admin and Development teams who are able to determine the viability of each feature in Scoutbook.

Support was wrong, sort of. It was removed from the menu, but not from the website, and not intentionally. It will be fixed soon.

The Council entry should be back on the menu for you.

Any idea if they are putting back the district usage report?

I only know that the link should be back on the menu. Please let us know whether it shows up for you.

The link is back but one of the reports is missing


The district usage report is a function of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. Do you have it running?

Didn’t realize that. I do have it running will address it in appropriate forum



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