Missing Reports - advancement, needs approval, needs awarding

I don’t know if this is related to the re-charter, but between last week and today, I no longer have the reports menu and can no longer pull up advancement report, needs approval report, needs awarding report for any Den or for the Pack as the Cubmaster. I also no longer have Internet Advancement as an option.

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There are a few issues - @TaraLydick - looks like your recharter started to process and you had the wrong BSA # as primary - I have this fixed - positions should be back this afternoon

I’m also having this issue. I’m both a Scoutmaster and a Cubmaster. My troop autoposted over a month ago, but my pack is still on hold. I don’t have access to reports for either unit. My primary registration is with the troop and, to my knowledge, only have one BSA #.
Reports menu displays “no menu available” on dashboard. In each of the individual units, it only shows “display adult ypt status”

Interestingly, I tried in another browser, and reports are available. Deleting cookies in the first browser helped, so this is now resolved for me.

@DavidCynamon yeah - you look fine

@DavidCynamon you have Unit Admin Positions and Sub-unit Admin - that does no good, if you are unit admin you can already do everything a sub-unit admin can do

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you! The sub-unit admin positions were automatically added for dens where I was added as a DL to receive invitations to den events or to access Den Leader Experience for that den

(I know the DLE has been abandoned or not really supported, but we have found parts of it useful)

It is more the later - or not really good lines to support of it.

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