Non- registered adults that have taken YPT

Is it possible to see non-registered adults that have created an account on my.scouting and have taken YPT? I’d like to encourage all pack parents to take the training so they are familiar with the policies and know what to watch for, but I have no way of knowing who has done so.

All training is stored in The BSA will not make it available via Scoutbook.

That is too bad it isn’t a field for report / roster builder. That would be nice in general.

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If you have parents that are participating enough to require YPT, then they are probably participating enough to get them registered and obtain background checks.

While I agree with the idea of having participating adults (e.g. those who actively filling a leadership function, even if they aren’t actually the person filling the leadership position) registered, this sounds like a slightly different goal:
making sure all of the parents are aware of what the YP rules are.

I used to encourage this for all of my den parents, even if they didn’t hold a leadership role (in which case it was obviously required). Having an extra dozen sets of eyes watching for something amiss (and knowing what to watch for) is great defense-in-depth for our youth.

You can search for training with their BSA ID and last name using the Betty chat bot at my.scouting.

Thank you! That was my intention exactly. In my view, any adult that is in attendance should be familiar with YP practices. So I encourage them all to take the training even if they will only be attending the occasional campout with their cub.

Is there a way for me to find their BSA ID incase they don’t recall it without them having to log in to find it?

Every adult that is present at a campout or other event should be familiar. Every adult willing to take the time should take the training. The more parents we train the more educated eyes we have watching out for our kids. The only adults that aren’t active enough to benefit from YP training are those that have no affiliation with scouting at all, and honestly, it wouldn’t hurt them either.

I was thinking too, these would be good candidates as adults that could register. They have already care enough to have done YPT. Now they just need to fill out the app and pay the fee. If it isn’t to be, it isn’t to be. Maybe, one day many years from now, when the systems are more unified, that could be possible.

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