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Is there a way to create a link for a training module? We have a few new Parents and it would be easier if we could just give them a link to direct them to the training they need to take. Thanks

@CD32 - a link as in where specifically and which training ?

I doubt it would work as they still have to sign in which will take them away from the training

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@DonovanMcNeil Thanks, I was hoping there would be a work around.

If it is YPT it is already on the front page of once signed in

Here are some instructions for taking YPT. You might be able to use them directly or modify them for your purposes.

@DonovanMcNeil not YPT, merit badge counselor

Does your council (or unit) require being fully trained?

@DonovanMcNeil yes, it is being implemented this coming year.

MBC position has always been stupid and now charging for it maybe it will finally die, forcing training for it is just another step.

And I guess they have to be trained BEFORE they register? also stupid, otherwise the training could rather easily be assigned so it would be easy to find.

@DonovanMcNeil The current MBCs will have to take the training. No word yet on new MBC that sign up. Our troop recharter is Dec 31st. The MBC renewal is May 31st. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The who assigns the training? This would be a great help. I am the troop training chair and have access to My scouting.

Well the Catch with MBCs are they are not a Unit position - so I do not think the Unit could assign training - in fact the feature has been pulled back. BUT once the position is registered the user can go to > click My Training > Click Requirements > and have direct links to the Courses - But that is after the registration - so just depends on how dumb council wants to be. But you can see I am fully trained as an MBC according to National because I have YPT and have never taken any of the MBC training. Actually I think all of those are in SM training so not sure why dates do not show.

@CD32 If a council requires adults to take the training before they can be registered as an MBC, then I would recommend this:

Login at my.Scouting, and then:

  1. Go to “My Training”.
  2. Make sure the “YPT and Training Center” tab is selected (it is the default tab).
  3. Click on “Scouts BSA”.
  4. Click on “Scouts BSA - Merit Badge Counselor Position Specific Training”.
  5. Click on “Enroll”.

@DonovanMcNeil all but SCO_486 are in the SM module

@DonovanMcNeil You probably took previous MBC training and considered “trained” at that time.

Yeah I was just about to dig up what is required now to be “Fully Trained”