Scoutbook Roster- "Show Training" Question

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Just realized I can check all connected adults (not just leaders) current Training through Roster Builder. This is great, but I have a question regarding YPT.

While I can see if they took it, it does not have a date. Does this report show if someone has EVER taken it OR, will it only show courses that are current/up-to-date?

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4.15.50 PM

@JennyGoguen I’ll ask the developers and see if it can be added to the backlog

I almost recall we left it out - as Scoutbook is not the official source. ???

As a large unit who requires YPT for all camping adults, we’re always looking for a quick and easy way to pull this data. Right now, the manual process of finding certification through my.scouting is hit and miss for non-registered adults. The extension through Scoutbook only works intermittently too. We go the old-school route of asking parents for their certificates, but this presents its own hurdles and, again, is a manual process that has to be constantly maintained.

As important as YPT is, it would be awesome to have an easy report to pull.

The last time I tried it, the Feature Assistant Extension “Adult YPT report” worked great for this. Did it break recently?

ETA: Also, I think the report also included the BSA ID for each adult. With that and a last name, I think you can pull training via the Betty chat bot at my.scouting.

Yah- I love that extension, but it seems to break so often, we can’t rely on it. :frowning: I just checked and it is working right now, so that’s good.

We have 138 registered Cubs right now, so we have well over 200+ adults to manage. Can you pull training en masse through the chat bot or would that be a manual, one-by-one process?

The extension mostly seems to break when BSA breaks something it relies on. I’ve only had intermittent issues with the Adult YPT report.

I think the 'bot is manual, but I can’t recall if there’s actually a limit. If so, it’s not ideal to create the “starter” data. If you have a spreadsheet of when YPT expires, though, you can sort by that date of expiration, and then notify whomever is “due soon”. Then, it’s easier to track/update them in smaller chunks.

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