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Creating a new leadership role

We would like to add a leadership title which is not on the current list of leadership roles. How can we add this? We have a spirit leader but that role is not an option.

Custom leadership roles are not currently supported in Scoutbook.

How do we get this on the list of items our troop needs scoutbook to do for us?

Custom leadership positions have been previously requested. There are currently no plans to add them.

What leadership position are you trying to add?

@SteveCagigas - it appears that “spirit leader” is the leadership role desired.

Hmmm… Sounds like a Chaplain or a Cheerleader?

@SteveCagigas - i personally like shaman as that fits the practice of my ancestors…

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I would suggest maybe using the Instructor position for this role.

The problem is that Instructor is a position of responsibility (as are pretty much all of the existing positions), so it’s not really OK to use it for an unofficial position. Since “spirit leader” is not a position of responsibility for advancement, using one of the existing positions will mess up the POR tracking for advancement.

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The role of Instructor can be used for multiple reasons like knot tying, cooking, first aid, fire building etc. So why not spirit leader teaching the newer members skits and other troop/scout related spirit activities?

It could be a valid application, but I think the real question is what is the scout actually doing? Does it fall under the responsibilities that the SM would assign to an Instructor? Ultimately, it seems like it’s up to the SM or their designee to determine whether or not the scope of responsibility matches with what the nominal position of responsibility is, based on the Guide to Advancement.


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