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Getting parents logged into scoutbook

Just set up our Cub Scout Pack in ScoutBook and updated my Den’s historical information. I went into two Scouts and added their parents, wohich prompted the email for them to join. Both were required to create a account, both did, and neither can get into the ScoutBook app. When we look at it through the website, it states they do not have the SSO established. These parents are not leaders in the Pack, nor intend to be and now have a Scout ID. Much to difficult if we expect all parents to use this

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Are these parents or registered leaders? Do their Scoutbook profiles have a bsa member number entered?

and if they did the online application they do have a BSA# as it generates on for them automatically

These are parents and did not have a BSA member at time of the invite. When they attempted to enroll, Scoutbook pushed them to create an account an drove them through a link to to create a profile which generated a Scout ID. is old portal server. The new server is

Click path to my profile and my account: “Menu > My Dashboard > Menu”

Not sure I am following. Are parents required to establish a Scout ID and profile to access Scoutbook? If not, how do I undo what was done. We are planning to role out to the entire Pack and I am concerned with the process that the two we tested on had to follow.

This discussion topic is about accessing Scoutbook. Not the feasibility of Scoutbook for use by units. If you wish to discuss the feasibility or Scoutbook and what the official records are for a Board of Review may I suggest starting a new discussion topic?

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@SteveMcGuffey - I really appreciate your positive outlook on life…i actually recommend recording advancement on stone tablets as they are hard to misplace and they do not burn like paper can. Just a thought :slight_smile:


Only if the parents have taken training from the BSA Learn Center such as Youth Protection Training.

The Scoutbook login drop-down message says:

Use your username to login if you have linked your my.Scouting Tools account to Scoutbook. Otherwise, please use your email address to login.

Has the unit sent the parents an invitation? I believe that is the normal process. If they have accepted and are still having problems logging in, try having them do the “forgot password” process. That will fix some login issues.

If there is a bug or unintended feature change the developers are going to want to know where the parents tried to create a Scoubook account. ithey use the website in the invitation?

So we actually had someone talk to a ScoutBook representative and were informed that all parents WILL need to create a profile and get a scout ID to access the app. I am very concerned that we will have huge reporting concerns that will show 40 adults attached to our PACK in and have not completed the YPT as they are not leaders.

@RobertMetyk - adults will only show if they are registered leaders in my.scouting.

@RobertMetyk Who is the Scoutbook Representative who provided this info? As an SUAC member, I have not heard anything of the sort.

I use Scoutbook and have for years. I have not had any trouble with setting up new parents and those parents do not show up as leaders on the roster. I ask ALL parents to complete YPT during their first year and it is required by our Troops and Pack for a parent to complete YPT before they go on any campout with their youth. So having a account should not be an issue and is even preferred so they can get YPT completed.

If a parent takes YPT, they have a BSA ID number, so they can access and use their user credentials to log into Scoutbook.

Nobody will show up as a leader on your unit’s Scoutbook roster unless they’ve submitted an adult application to your council and had it approved.

And, YPT is not required by the BSA unless adults are staying at a BSA event for 72 hours or more. That excludes pretty much everything except summer camp for most units. Your council or units may have stricter rules than that, though.

EDIT: You can manually add someone as a leader in your unit, but the only automatic way it happens is if they turn in an adult app.

Do you use Elder Futhark or Younger Futhark to record on the the stone?

@MarkCash - always in elder as I do not like these new fangled writing systems.

Writing, BAH! If it’s not passed down orally from Troop Shaman to Troop Shaman, it doesn’t count!

@SteveCagigas - that applies more for the “We have always done it that way” :wink:

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It depends on what you want the parents to do. The parents will still get emails on calendar events that the child is on even if they never open scoutbook as long as you enter their email and set them up as parents. If they want to enter things the child are doing at home, or see progress, or rsvp to events, then yes they will need my scouting account. We like our parents of cubscouts to take the ypt because they are at the events. So they will need to have an account anyways. I like the app.

Troop Shamans were good enough for Thog when he was in Cave Scouts…