New parents need help with SSO screen at initial scoutbook login

I have several brand new parents reporting that they cannot log in to scoutbook. I have sent them the invitation to connect. They are logging in with their email address and the temporary password. But then hitting the SSO screen asking them about a myscouting account and getting stuck

This is the screen they are seeing. What should they be entering and in what order knowing they DO NOT have an existing myscouting account? What happens if they click the “click here” and we will create on for you? Does that assign them a username automatically that they then need to use to log on next time? And is the password still the temporary one until they change it in their profile? Thanks for any clarification you can provide here. It’s very frustrating that I cannot help them since I cannot do these steps myself.

“Click Here” should create a new my.scouting account for them, using their email address as a username. They would then be prompted to enter a my.scouting password (this replaces the temporary password in the invitation). They should now be able to log in to either scoutbook or my.scouting with those credentials

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