"Wrong" parent account linked to Scout

Hi All,

One of my parents created two accounts in ScoutBook. We thought we had successfully merged the two some time ago. However, that parent is currently unable to invite her Scout to Scoutbook; there’s no banner at the bottom that kicks off the invitation process.

The Scout’s BSA Member # is 136451663 and the parent’s BSA Member # is 130126235.

One other wrinkle: When I go to the Scout’s connections, it appears to list a second account for the parent (see the attached screenshot). Clicking on that second account just takes me to my homepage. That second account is not listed anywhere else in Scoutbook that I can find.

In any event, if you can make it so that the parent can invite the Scout to Scoutbook we would very much appreciate it.

John Sitton
Scoutmaster, Troop 1865 Girls

The Scout’s e-mail is already attached to her Scoutbook account. It looks like the Scout was able to log in back in June. However, it does not appear to be connected to SSO (single sign on).

What might work is to have the Scout create an account a my.scouting and try to connect to her already existing information (BSA member number, etc.). Then she should be able to log in to her account in Scoutbook.

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