Crew Chartered Org does not match

Though I am Scoutmaster for our Troop, I am only Associate Advisor for our Crew. I am one of the few leaders in our units who uses Scoutbook regularly.

We had some paperwork issues which delayed the recharter for our Crew, though both Troops and the Pack went through correctly.

I noticed yesterday that the Chartered Organization in MYST is listed correctly as our new CO. In Scoutbook it is listed as our old CO.

I assumed that when synch happened overnight, this would be corrected. However, this is still the case. Can someone take a look at what is going on?

This is for Crew 0001 in Pathway to Adventure Council 456.

Thanks so much!


eta: I have a Scout who just turned 14 and wants to multiple in the Crew, but I don’t want to initiate this until our Crew charter is firmly established. The Crew has disappeared off of Scoutbook a few times in the last couple of months as this has been in the process of being sorted out.

There is a fix in works for this - the location of the CO being stored changed

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Thank you for the clarification!

Okay, now I have a follow up question. This means that the recharter has gone through and no need to worry that it will disappear again, correct?

So, the bug fix will update the CO and it is safe to go ahead and multiple Scouts into the Crew?

Should be fine to add scouts

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