Crew Roster Builder is Flawed

I am trying to run a roster report for my Crew

To build the roster in the roster generation report in Internet Advancement there are 3 categories: Adults, Parents, & Scouts.

Our Crew has several youth who are 18 but not 21 and have registered as Venturing Participants.

Apparently Internet Advancement doesn’t know where to put these participants so they don’t on the roster builder. They don’t show up under the Adults selection or the Scout selection. They just aren’t showing.

They are listed under in the youth section in Scoutbook when you click on the roster view there.

How do I run the roster build report in Internet Advancement that shows Venturing Participants? If there isn’t a way can this be added to the developers list of bugs to fix?

Thank you,

Crew 1620 Advisor

Jason -

The simplest solution would be to run the Crew roster from the Roster tool in My.Scouting. As the Crew Advisor you should have all the permissions you need.

@JasonHuggins this has been reported

Thank you. I have done that. Just wanted to report a bug.

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Thank you for helping to pass this along to the right people. Have a great day.