Over 18 Ventruing Participants not showing up on Roster

I have 2 18+ Venturing participants in my Ship and my Crew and they are not showing up on my Roster anywhere. I have even changed the filter to include Adults and they still don’t show. I can’t add anything to their Advancement. It’s strange because the 3rd Venturing Participant is showing.
How can I fix this?

@StacyBogart you can talk to council - or post some BSA #s and we can take a look

Did you change the filter to show youth 18+?

Yes, Crew 150 Enterprise Alabama and Ship 571 Dothan Alabama. Both boys should be in as Participants.
Ship 571
Name removed 122483204
Name removed 127791841

Crew 150. And after closer examination, there are more in the Crew missing
Name removed 122483204
Name removed 127791841
Name removed 132632713
Name removed 136267339

Yes and I changed it to all and they still don’t show

@StacyBogart what roster are you speaking of? my.scouting or Scoutbook?

@StacyBogart this should be fixed now - you might need to log out first

My.scouting Rouster. They all show up on Scoutbook

Fixed. Thank you for all your help.

They were there, and now they are gone again on the “Internet Advancement Rouster”

(picture removed by Moderator)

I uploaded the page. They are showing on the Recharter page for some strange reason.

@StacyBogart I think these are all fixed (again).

If you could please check again in the morning.

They are on the Recharter roster now. But they are still not on the Scoutbook Plun Internet Advancement page.
Could it have anything to do with the Future Extention for Scoutbook?
FYI I did clear my cache and re-started the internet to see if that would help.

Ok, I removed the extension and cleared the cache again and they are still not on the Crew or Ship Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement Roster.


According to my tools, all are on your Scoutbook rosters. Please go to https://scoutbook.scouting.org and let us know if they are on the roster there but not on the roster at https://advancements.scouting.org

Yes, they are in the Scoutbook. scouting roster but NOT on the advancements. scouting roster. Also, the one thing these scouts have in common that the other over 18 years old scouts don’t, is they are all duel registered as Assistant Scout Masters in a Troop.


We have reported this to the IA developers.

Thank you for all your help