Why do my over 18 crew youth not show up

When I go to internet advancement. My youth over 18 and under 21 do not show up. How am I suppose to do their advancements?

Do you have the filter turned on to show 18+?

Where is the filter?

On the right side of the Crew Roster, like this:

I have done that and the options are strange. It has


youth 21+
there are no “youth” over 21, using adults gives me everyone. I can do that, but it seems like a mistake.
Thank you for showing me where the filter button is.

That used to say Youth 18+ (at least for my son’s crew). I agree that Youth 21+ is an error in the menu option title. Is it actually applying 21+ as the age limit? That’s a more interesting programming error. :^)

I think the 18+ (for troops) or 21+ (for Venturing crews / Sea Scout ships) is meant to refer to Scouts / Venturers with an approved time extension.

That makes sense. Too bad crew doesn’t have 18+ for internet advancement.
thank you

It only shows the 18+ participants with all the other adults?

yes. I only get youth or adults which has everyone. So, the adults over 21 are on the internet advancement list.

@KristinChioma - they would also be listed for the purpose of hikes, camping, service hours entry. No way to remove them as they are part of the unit roster.

How are special Scouts reported?

Do Scouts authorized to participate beyond the age of eligibility for their program listed in youth / participant reports?

Youth and adults who are developmentally delayed or cognitively impaired, or youth with severe physical challenges, may be considered for registration beyond the age of eligibility for their program: age 11 or older in Cub Scouting, 18 or older in Scouts BSA, or 21 or older in Venturing and Sea Scouting.


@KristinChioma I think this is a bug. I have reported it to the developers.


Are these 18-20 year old Venturers registered as Venturing Participants? When I look at my Crew Roster in IA, I see the 18-20 year olds. They are all registered as Venturing Participants. If you provide their BSA Member IDs (no names) we can check to see if they are properly registered.

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Yes, in my.scouting and the roster part of scoutbook, they are listed as venturing participants. I will just continue to list the whole crew in internet advancement for now.

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