Crosslinked Scout

Member ID 140593049 is a new youth member in Council 023 as of 10/23

Somehow the system did not create a new Scoutbook profile but added this registration to SB ID# 12791008 which seems to belong to a scout with member id# 14663698 who is a member of Council 66 the

The parents of the scout in 066 end-dated the 023 membership but i need a SB account for him with in 023

@RonFedele let me take a look

@RonFedele was yours a totally new scout?

yes he was 10/23 i need to keep typing to meet character count

Do you know if anything was in SB?

i could not find anything it looks like the other kids sb account had a membership added by the system but teir parent end dated it

Yes Devs have to fix this one

Do I need to generate ticket or did you send it?



I handed it off is all - you can make a MC Ticket if you want

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