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CSV Calendar Upload stuck at “reading files…0%”

This issue was raised in this post

and closed in June.

I had this happen to me today. The issue was I had a Patrol Leaders’ Council entry. The import could not deal with the apostrophe or the \ character which is typically a programming way to say interpret next character literally. I removed the PLC meeting and the upload was very fast.

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Thank you @ChristopherGersey - I want to remember this if I experience it again. :slight_smile:

@ChristopherGersey thanks for the info. I will fix in the next release. It’s helpful to have a file or details like you shared that fails so I can replicate issues!

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I downloaded the events from the past several months so I could just copy them with new dates. This was in the download for the PLC meeting
Patrol Leaders’ Council
Note the ’ which is typical of Linux and Windows protection of the apostrophe so it is interpreted as an apostrophe.
Having that in the upload immediately caused and error.

I removed the backslash, and that is when it went to Never Never Land.

Thank you for fixing this

There were backslashes \ in the downloaded file preceding the apostrophe which I was pointing out. It doesn’t appear that they came through in my last post.

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This was fixed in a release today 10/9/2020.