Csv file not loading correctly

I have submitted the csv file supplied by our summmer camp and receive an email stating that everything has successfully be loaded. When I check 3/4 of the items never appear on the scouts’ records.
I have resubmitted twice with the same response.

is it a black pug file? Are you using the Scoutbook extension?

@AndyRuder - are most of the records partials? If so they will end up on needs approval report.

It is a black pug file, I am able to load the merit badge req’s but the rank adv. req’s earned will not load.

You MUST use the Feature Assistant Extension and the Import Black Pug Data button to import your csv.

Unfortunately, things are now messed up because you used the Roster Import link as that link will mark some MBs as awarded. I recommend deleting all MBs that were added then use the extension to import the file again.

It looks like Scoutbook does not recognize the rank advancements in the csv file? The MBs have all imported.

@AndyRuder - please read what Ed has posted. If you did not use the feature assistant then your records may well be messed up.

Please describe the process you used to upload.

This was the first time loading the csv file from camp. I wasn’t aware there were different formats and 1st used the troop roster import on scoutbook. It only partially loaded MB’s and none of the rank advancements. Once I discovered the different formats I used the black pug ext. and all the MB’s loaded but none of the rank adv. loaded. I was able to manually enter the rank adv. It looks like everything saved.
I will have to review the process with our new advancement chair so we don’t have this issue again.

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The black pug import is only formatted fot merit badges. It does not do advancement


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Good to know.

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