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CSV of Internet Advancement report?

Is there a way to get a copy of an Internet Advancement 2.0 advancement report in CSV format (or similar)? My workflow in Troopmaster was to print the report to turn in, then use the CSV to print all the merit badge cards and Court of Honor program.

If there’s no way to export the data, what does your workflow for getting a Court of Honor together look like? I’m not married to my workflow if there’s a better way.

Thanks in advance!

Troopmaster used to do an export which you could import to IA2. I believe it was in CSV format. Is that no longer available?

It is a text file – not csv.

I think they’re looking to go the other way (export from IA2) in the same way that they used to export from TM, but no longer use (or will no longer use) TM.

The first question I would ask is why are you preparing a Court of Honor program? Requirement 8 of the Communications Merit Badge says

  1. Plan a troop or crew court of honor, campfire program, or an interfaith worship service. Have the patrol leaders’ council approve it, then write the script and prepare the program. Serve as master of ceremonies.

The Scout serving as Master of Ceremonies should be producing the program.

There is no CSV output from the Internet Advancement advancement report. If you are using Troopmaster, you should be able to continue using your old workflow. If you have switched to Scoutbook, you do not need to use Internet Advancement to produce the advancement report. You can create it from the Purchase Order. Scoutbook can produce a csv of the purchase order.

When I say the “program”, I mean the physical printout of advancements earned that I hand to the MC so they know what to read.

The Purchase Order looks like it will do the trick. Thanks, I never would have thought to look there.

A couple other options:

  • Scouts BSA Recognition Report
  • In Scoutbook, there is an option for Troop Admins to Export / Backup -> Advancement csv file. You can turn filters on and sort so that you exclude individual requirements.

It all depends on how you want to use the information.

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As @JenniferOlinger recommended, the Scouts BSA Recognition Report is a great tool for what you want to do. Set the start date to your last COH date, and it will give you a report organized however you want, that covers everything that was earned since then.

Thanks so much, that Scouts BSA Recognition Report is perfect for the COH.

For the Recognition Report, I recommend that you check both of these boxes:

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