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Lost with new Internet Advancement 2.0

I am a Key 3 Delegate and Advancement Chair in my Troop Charter.
We have used Troopmaster via the Web and I have learned how to get around and do most things necessary. Now I am trying to take the Court of Honor Report from Troopmatsr and go to Internet Advancement 2.0 ( []( but cannot find how to enter each Scout’s Adavncements manually in IA 2.0??

What am I missing? Any advice is appreciated

@MichaelGraubart - this may provide some assistance:

@Stephen_Hornak Thank you I could not find that help page…
Next I have to learn how to make .txt files from Troopmaster Web 2.0 and upload them to IA 2.0.

@MichaelGraubart - that part I would be of little assistance for. I would suppose that there should be some sort of help you can get from the troopmaster side.

If you select Court of Honor on the report menu in TMWeb 2.0, you get this screen:

If you click on the Send to council button once you’ve got everything set and ready to go, you’ll go to a dialog screen that will guide you to download the “.txt” file for uploading into the new IA system. It’s pretty straight forward. Note, however, it seems to me that IA is very picky about having the names AND BSAIDs of any records in the advancement submission match exactly between IA and TM. TM is pretty good about warning you if the BSAIDs are missing which is not common in my experience, but is something all TM users will have to get very exact about capturing and entering into TM very carefully as if you’ve transposed any numbers , the imported record will be rejected by IA.

@GaryHolland TM imports work fine. If the unit entered things wrong in TM that don’t match Member Manager that is something TM cannot control. TM has no way to check or validate authenticity of scout info. there are hundreds (if not thousands) of TM imports every week

discontinue using everything but scout book. It is free and pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Everything is uploaded to BSA and you can even print a “shipping list” and the same advancement report you got out of internet advancement. - We LOVE IT. There is no “what does my kid need for…” questions from parents any more. They can see it. Now yes I’m a cub scout leader with a boy in the troop. I use it for my son in the troop as well and I got “spoken to” in regards that it is the boys responsibility to keep track of this stuff not the parents. But my son is not yet 14 and can’t legally have an email address.

@GaryHolland Thank you I am going to try that. I entered everything manually and it took a while and importing the information will be a lot quicker. I am aware I have to verify the NAme as it is in IA 2.0 vs. Troopmaster and the BSA ID is correct.

I appreciate your assistance.

@JessicaKlopp It is not that simple for me as Advancement Coordinator to say we are going to switch to Scoutbook. That begins with the Scoutmaster and has to go to the Troop Committee. Right now all Scouts and Parents have access to their individual Scout’s profiles in Troopmaster. I have looked around Scoutbook and been reading the forums since lkong before it became Free. Transferring all of the data is not a simple process as just importing things. Many things will have to be entered in manually especially for adults and that is going to take a lot of time. Troopmaster has some things the Troop uses that Scoutbook does not have available. So until the Scoutmaster agrees and the Troop Committee says it’s better to use Scoutbook I am bound to using what is approved and continue that way. Trying to convert and use ahead of time will cause issues with files getting lost.

Since Scoutbook is now the official record keeper for BSA there should be little to manually enter when it comes to the scouts. Yes some parent info will need to be entered however parents can and should be asked to do it themselves. Troopmaster is no longer offering sync to BSA. Aren’t you entering all your advancements twice. Once in Troopmaster that doesn’t go anyware just is a cost to your troop. and again in BSA internet advancement now 2.0? It would be much easier to enter ONE time into Scoutbook. I understand that Scoutbook may not have all the features of troopmaster but can that feature be picked up free somewhere else? Also Scoutbook is looking to be more of what the user wants. Make the suggestion and it maybe implemented.

@JessicaKlopp, from the parent side, I can understand your perspective. We used to have Troopmaster Web 1.0. It was a challenge for a parents. I hear the TM Web 2.0 is much better for the parents. Scoutbook has always been a great interface for parents. As the UNit Admin, though, I have a different perspective.

As a former Troopmaster admin for my Troop, there are many things I miss today in Scoutbook. I have found the Scoutbook handles 90% of what I want for my Pack. Scoutbook, however, only handles 75% of what I would like for my Troop.

Scoutbook has many great features. What I recommend to units considering the switch, make sure you understand what you are giving up in the switch and do not go into Scoutbook without understanding and adapting to those differences.

@JessicaKlopp, Troopmaster does still have the ability to generate an upload file for Internet Advancement, just as it did 3 months ago. Personally, I think the new upload file processed smoother, and with fewer steps than Internet Advancement 1.0.

You are absolutely correct that Troopmaster is an added expense, but for a large Troop not that much per Scout. Although some suggestions are included in future updates, some will take a while to be implemented, while other Troopmaster features BSA has implied will never be made available.

Once size, or product does not fit all. As I indicated in my earlier reply, units need to go in with their eyes open and make the best decision for them. Some will lose little functionality compared to how they use their current unit management software. For others, they will lose tracking capabilities, and granularity, that they depend on for their Scouts, and which is near non-existent for leaders.

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