Scoutbook Rank Advancements Report Error

For my monthly SM report, I pull a report of the scouts’ advancements using the Report Builder Manager.
I select “all scouts” on the left and “ranks” on the right.
Boxes are checked for all Scouts BSA ranks. (Scout thru Eagle)

When I run the report, I get the regular display with the scouts names across the top and the rank advancements running down the left side. All ranks are shown, through Eagle.

But I have 2 different things that I do with the reports. So after pulling a CSV from the standard report, I click pivot to be able to pull the same report but manipulate it differently for a separate tracking project.

When I do this, it drops all advancements off after First Class v2016 Req 9b. Study an environmental issue. All advancements records for all scouts disappear.

This error is translated into the CSV when I pull that.

What’s going on?

@JenniferVeith - first order of business is that NO scouts should be working on requirements other than the 2022 requirements.


Thank you for your concern. Rest assured that it is for tracking purposes only, and all scouts’ TTFC work done and needing to be newly recorded is the 2022 versions.

Do you have an answer to the problem at hand?

@JenniferVeith I imagine it is hitting a limit - but will turn in to Developers to see

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Create a PivotTable to analyze worksheet data - Microsoft Support could do this for the time being

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Thank you!
It’s a lot of data. And having the two sets of reqs makes it even more so.
I appreciate the pivot table tutorial. I’ll play around with that. It may offer a temporary solution until it gets fixed.
How does one report an issue to developers?

By posting here. One of the SUAC folks takes it to the developers from here.

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Thank you, @CharleyHamilton for being helpful. I appreciate it!