Cub Master without admin abilities

I am unable to add new scouts or post advancements as the new Cub Master. How can I change the settings to be able to perform Admin tasks for the troop? Thanks for any help!

You are not currently registered as the Cubmaster. Have you completed a new registration or has your Charter Org Rep logged in to, gone to Menu → Roster and updated your position?

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I am new, so I would need someone update my position online? Could the previous Cub Master do that?

Because you are already registered with the pack, your Chartered Org. Rep. (or Chartered Org. Rep. Delegate) should be able to log in at my.scouting and go to:

Organization Manager → Position Manager

and move you to the Cubmaster position.

I am not sure who that person would be? Pack 3048, New Hampton, Iowa

Your Committee Chair can tell you who the Charter Org Rep is.

I would talk to your Pack Committee Chair (CC), and possibly your predecessor as Cubmaster (CM), and ask them to introduce you to your Chartered Organization Representative (COR). The CM, CC and COR together form the Unit Key 3, and ideally should be in regular communication about what’s going on with the unit.

Do you know if your unit has already submitted an application to change your position from your “current” role to the “new” role as Cubmaster? Not every unit uses (or can use) the online Position Manager system to rearrange positions.

Ok, thanks… I need to find out who all these people are, make sure my paperwork is sent on for finalizing my new role as CM. Didn’t have information on any of this when I was put into the role. Thanks for the help!

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