New cub master

The new cub master is not able to see all of the kids names nor is he able to make any changes. It says he has full control.

@LaurieKolbet - is he listed as cubmaster in

@LaurieKolbet What is the Cubmaster’s BSA member number?

(No names, please)


The last time I see your Cubmaster (initials MK) logging in was 9/9/23. Everything on the account looks correct today. Please have him try again. He should be logging in to Scoutbook with is e-mail address, not the Google Login button.

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@LaurieKolbet Also check to make sure that he is logging in to Scoutbook, not the Scouting mobile app.

The Scouting mobile app is an app for Scouts and parents. It’s not a leader tool.

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Hi Jennifer
His number is 14419626

@LaurieKolbet Yes, it looks like he is using the Scouting mobile app.

Please ask him to log in to Scoutbook at:

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I also suggest having your Charter Org Rep login to and navigate to Position Manager under your Pack’s roster and move the old Cubmaster to another position. If the old CM is not involved in the pack, a good position would be Unit Scouter Reserve. Alternatively you could contact your Council and ask them to expired the old CM’s position. A pack cannot have 2 CMs.


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